This is a gallery of weird things..

Living in a desert is a blessing and a curse. When I moved here many years ago, I didn’t see anything exciting about this place. But as the time passed by, I learned to see things in a different “light”. There is a beauty in the desert after all. 


Pictures from the Fissure Mountain






Johnson Valley KOH Lake bed and Betsy

Betsy was repaired, beaten up and repaired again. And then we went from top of Fissure Mt.  down to Hammer town in 14 minutes. And of course it cost few broken things on Betsy..


Fine Photo Art


Stuck on rear dif

Fine Photo Art
Fine Photo Art

Looking cool..


Fine Photo Art

Driving down from Fissure –>

<– Tranny is just hanging out…

Fine Photo Art

Taking sexy pictures





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