Camping with girls by the waterfalls

There is nothing better than to take off from the city to explore the unknown corners of the world. And it doesn’t have to be necessarily  too far away since California has bunch of cool places to explore.
We went to Seven Teacups falls near Springville, to Rainbow Falls, to Lake Union and to Big Sur. Seven Teacup Falls was not very easy to find since there are no signs or marked trails, but we finally made it after about two hours hike. It was absolutely worth it. Seven Teacups is on Dry Meadow Creek just before it joins the Kern River. Water erosion has formed seven  circular pools which are linked by small and beautiful waterfalls. Lavin and Haidin were crazy enough to jump in the water and swim in one of the bigger pols. I tested the water with my big toe and estimated the temperature just about one degree above freezing, 
The picture above is a Big Sur relatively early in the morning as we were descending towards the coastal highway.