Panama vacations

My trip to panama

Gaiddy and I had again wonderful time together.  These are the best of times.  For now, here are pictures from Panama City.   

To see all the pictures go HERE

Fine Photo Art

And from Bocas Del Toro……

Fine Photo Art

And from Boca Chica…

Fine Photo Art

Isla Bastimento


RC Planes

Having a good time out of city playing with toys…


From Alta Mira Gardens to Vista Mar

Our first travel in Panama to Rosalda’s apartment in Vista Mar by the Pacific ocean

From Vista Mar to Bocas del Toro

Long drive to Chiriquí on Inter-Americana highway, then almost four hours drive over the mountains to Almirante and then on ferry to Bocas



Second vacations

Our fantastic time together

Unforgettable adventures are happening when we are traveling together.  Through Yosemite to San Francisco, back home to Joshua Tree and to Las Vegas.  These are the best times of our lives.

Camping with girls by the waterfalls

There is nothing better than take of from the city to explore the unknown corners of the world. And it doesn’t have to be necessarily  too far away since California has bunch of cool places to explore.
We went to Seven Teacups falls near Springville, which was not very easy to find since there are no signs or marked trails.

Our first time traveling

This was our first time getting together and going on small vacation. These were the first of our best days. 

To see more pictures, go here:    Google Photos


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